Mikey Fernández

Mikey Fernández

Mikey Fernández (Getxo, 1983) is a writer and creator of literary content on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok.

In 2017, encouraged by his friends who were tired of him telling them about the work and miracles of Jane Austen at every dinner party, he created a YouTube channel where he could give free rein to his obsession for literature. He has since posted over 400 videos and has over 28000 followers on YouTube and another 20000 on Instagram.

Besides reading and talking about what he reads with everyone, he loves Korean series, boys' love and K-pop. His goal in life is to move to a town in the North where it's always cold and become the Miss Marple of the town.

His first novel will be published by Matchstories in 2024.


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