Víctor  Aldea

Víctor Aldea

Víctor Aldea was born in Barcelona although he has lived in Mexico, Germany and the United States, in a Southern capital city close to New Orleans. He also spends long stretches of time with his head in the clouds.

He published his very first short story at fourteen, albeit he had started writing at a much earlier age. He writes every day, Monday through Sunday, for young readers as well as middle-graders and adults, fiction and non-fiction, the latter mainly on children’s and YA’s literature in the Spanish bi-monthly magazine CLIJ.

In 2002 his novel Obansheë (Columna) won him the literary prize La Primera Columna. 

He has so many projects on his desk that he doesn’t know yet which one he will finish first.  When not writing or reading, when not slipping into his storyteller outfit and visiting schools, when not teaching English at an EOI (State School of Languages) or wandering into a bookshop wondering if he ever will come out, Víctor Aldea does, simply, cease to exist.   


Obras destacadas

La muntanya dels tatuats

La muntanya dels tatuats

Bromera, 2020

In what fire will the secrets of the Mountain of the Tattooed, the landfill where the protagon...

L'home del rellotge

L'home del rellotge

Barcanova, 2019

Biel is 8 years old and he lives in a building in Barcelona with his parents and her sister. O...

L'Estevet, quin bon amic!

L'Estevet, quin bon amic!

Cruïlla, 2019

Estevet and his friends have a great time being together: they go for rides, they swim in the ...

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