Teresa Ramos

Teresa Ramos

She was born in the eighty-one, In Balnes, Girona.

Ever since she can remember, she has had a pencil in her hand and she has wanted to draw everything. As she grew up, she continued to draw and her friends’ agendas were filled with doodles.

Quite some time, and one or other setback later, she decided that those doodles were what she wanted to do in life, so she signed up for an Illustration course at the Pau Gargallo in Badalona and studied children’s illustration at the Escola Joso. Since a few years ago she dedicates to what she loves: illustrating.


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Rugido de león

Rugido de león

Tramuntana, 2019

I thought that it didn’t happen to children. However, one day, suddenly, I lost it. I lo...

Pequeños grandes momentos de felicidad

Pequeños grandes momentos de felicidad

Mabe, 2017

A book full of moments that make you really happy.

7 tales and 77 games (spanish)

7 tales and 77 games (spanish)

Beascoa, 2014

Shall we read a story or would you rather play? This book of 7 tales and 77 games is full of i...

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