Melania Badosa

Melania Badosa

(Barcelona, 1984) is a self-taught illustrator and comic book artist.

As a child, she spent her afternoons creating comics and drawing her own universe but it was not until much later, as an adult and after having worked in other areas that had nothing to do with the artistic world that she realized she wanted to dedicate herself to do what she was most passionate about so she decided to pursue her dream career as an illustrator.

Music, literature, cats and mystery are some of her other passions and she likes to add these elements to her illustrations whenever she can.

She currently works as an illustrator of middle grade and young adult books and has collaborated with both national and international publishers doing covers, interiors, textbooks and comics, her clients include Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Planeta, Hinkler Australia, Barrington Stoke and Helbling, among others.


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