Anna  Falcó

Anna Falcó

Anna Falcó is an illustrator and textile designer born and raised in Barcelona. She studied at Escola Massana, Escola Eina, and UDK in Berlin.

She has worked as a freelancer since 2011 and continues to grow as a professional, enjoying every new project where she gets to deal with new topics and try out new forms, techniques, and languages.

Anna has experience working for public institutions, in publishing, in periodicals, children's publications, advertising, packaging, fashion, and the audiovisual industry.

She likes: Art in all its forms, cats, plants, tea, mysteries of the universe, undersea creatures, Huichol art, glitter, lights at night, color, and cultures of the world

She dislikes: Milk, bad humor, losing time, cold water, monotony, sand in the feet, the touch of an old book, crooked pictures, injustices, red wine, stress and posturing.


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La estrellita Rita

La estrellita Rita

Auara, 2020

Rita the little star goes to India to bring water to the villages where people need it the mos...

Hola trueno

Hola trueno

Upala Books, 2018

A boy goes to sleep on a stormy night... A very noisy little thunder wants to play and gets lo...

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picture book. Auara, 2020
picture book. Upala Books, 2018