Robert García

Robert García

Robert was born in Barcelona in 1982.

He is a self-taught artist with a vocation for illustration who has worked with diverse publishing houses, illustrating more than ten children’s books.

He started his journey in the world of illustration while he was living in Italy, collaborating with different associations.

When he returned to Barcelona, he continued with his training and transformed his passion for drawing into a professional activity. He keeps on imagining and creating fantastic worlds and characters from his study in Martorell.


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¡Cumplo 6 años!

¡Cumplo 6 años!

Estrella Polar, 2021

Tomorrow Sara turns 6. Her family is very excited. Everyone tells her that this is a very impo...

Cerca i Troba Museus de Catalunya

Cerca i Troba Museus de Catalunya

Editorial Mediterrània, 2021

Discover all the amazing and surprising museums in Catalonia!


Serás lo que quieras ser

Serás lo que quieras ser

El Cep i la Nansa / Carambuco, 2021

Nico can’t stop thinking about what he will be when he grows up. One day he wants to be ...

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