Marta Montañá

Marta Montañá

She was born in Badalona in 1967 and, as a child, she used to like staining papers with her watercolours.
When she grew up, she wanted to work with dolphins or with children, and the only way to have it all, was by drawing it.
She has specialised in the illustration of children's book and as a naturalist illustrator.
She has published some 40 books, though she feels this adventure has only just begun.

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Bon dia

Bon dia

Nanit, 2019

A story based on the homonymous song by Els Pets, that invites us to live the adventure of hav...

¡Mamá, quiero que seas como un elefante!

¡Mamá, quiero que seas como un elefante!

Animallibres, S.L., 2017
La Lea i el cargol

La Lea i el cargol

Baula, 2016

Lea swings in the square.

Up she goes.

Down she comes.

Up she...

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