Gerard Duelo

Gerard Duelo

Barcelona 1950. Master and Industrial Engineer. Subsequently carried out business studies in Barcelona and London, graduated in multiple disciplines by IESE, ESADE, EADA, ESMA and EAE business schools. In each one of them has exercised as lecturer or academic collaborator. With more than 30 years of experience in Senior Management in national and multinational enterprises, outstands for his leadership, dynamism, strategic analysis capacities and negotiation.

Founder and President of various companies related to strategic consultancy, corporative finances and business trading, mostly focused on Latin-American. Since 1975 has been author of several books about companies, international business, and a political dictionary that in 1977 sold 33.000 copies (La Gaya Ciencia). Enthusiast about poetry (Local poetry award given by the City Council of Barcelona) and novel books, publishing privately as well as personally various books, recently entering in a more public sphere. Interest also combined with contemporary art.

Recently has been named Business Ambassador of Catalonia, as well as being President of the Association of Spanish Entrepreneurs in Panama (AEEP).

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