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Gisela Navarro

Gisela Navarro

The first thing I did in my life was to draw a little fish that my mother taught me, I quickly drew everything I saw. Since I have memory I wanted to study art. In 2000 I finished the Fine Arts degree, and shortly after I finished the graduate in documentary production at ESCAC ( cinema school)


I was born and live in Viladecans, a wonderful city next to Barcelona. When I finished the studies I began to give classes in high school and years later to the local educational management. Never without stopping to draw.


Around 2012 I began to illustrate my first album to the adult public and soon the first  children’s book fair, both self-edited. Then, in 2015 I started the graduate in creative illustration at EINA, where my serious career in the world of illustration began.


Covers of books, records, children's books fair, poetry, animated pieces for TV3, or covers and magazines such as Sapiens, have been my most relevant works. While my side perhaps more commercial with my brand of illustrated t-shirts has allowed me to dress several Spanish actresses that I admire.

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Little Women

Little Women

Alma Editorial, 2019

This book revolves around the love stories and misfortunes of Miss March and her four daughter...

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illustrated books. Alma Editorial, 2019