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Susana Hoslet

Susana Hoslet

I was born in Madrid in 1972.

Drawing has been always part of my life, even never thought that finally would became my professional career.

I performed business administration studies at the University Complutense of Madrid, but when I finished them, I was really convinced they wouldn´t be part of my professional future. Then, I was lucky to start working at a publishing house of magazines, where I discovered the world of design.

I worked there for twelve years as layout artist and illustrator.


In 2003 I started combining my work as illustrator at the publishing house with several different magazines.

Since 2009, I work exclusively as illustrator.


I have also collaborated with other magazines as Bravo, Loka, Tu Suerte, Cuerpo de Mujer, Yoga journal and some more ones.


I´m currently fully dedicated to children´s illustration, collaborating with publishing houses as Kumom, Moderna, Teide, Algaida, Susaeta, and Libsa.


Some of my illustrations were selected for participating in the International Book Exhibition of Sharjah in 2014 and 2015.

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