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Susana Rosique

Susana Rosique

Susana Rosique was born in San Sebastian (Vask Country, Spain), so there she growed up and so did her passion for the sea, the forests, the books and drawing. Graduated in Psychology by the University of the Vask Country, she moved to Madrid, where she took part in several exhibitions of paintings, by the Youth Art Net of Region of Madrid. She worked for 16 years for the “Making family” magazine, creating contents and illustrations for them, and started making illustrations for children’s books . In 15 years, she has illustrated all types of genres, for spanish and foreign editorials. She always looks for the expressivity, the good mood, and a positive message through the characters and atmosphere around. She uses even traditional or digital tools, depending on the most suitable way to the target. 

Susana is not afraid of challenges, she dives into books and walks throuhg pencils forests because, in her opinnion, they are magic places where everything is possible.

In 2016, Susana won the first prize in the Best Children's Fiction Picture Book of the Intenational Latino Book Awards 2016 (Los Angeles, USA) with the picture book "Con ojos de niño" (J. Licitra, S. Rosique , Ed. Story of Light). She has also been selected forThe Sharjah Children's Books Illustrations Exhibition Children's Reading Festival in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) 2017

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